Things To Do

Sicamous is a unique tourist community offering a special flavor of ongoing activities for both residents and visitors. The following are some very cool places worth visiting while enjoying our community:

D. Dutchmen Dairy

People from all over the world make a point of stopping at D. Dutchmen Dairy. Milk, ice cream and cheese are just a few products that are made on site. A great place to visit while in Sicamous.

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Fruit World

Fruit World takes pride in being able to source out the very best in fresh fruit and vegetables and it shows. If you are after some of the best that nature has to offer, Fruit World is worth the visit.

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After Dark Distillery

Monashee Mountain Moonshine is some of the finest flavor infused moonshine around. Visit the distillery, go for a free tour and learn about the art of making this highly coveted nectar. Don’t forget about the free samples and maybe even pick-up a jar so you can share it with your friends.

Community Farmers Market

Every Saturday you can locate the crowds at the Sicamous Community Farmers Market. With local entrepreneurs pitching their wares, there are is plenty of treasures to found. But, it is more than just a market. It’s a social event that provides the opportunity to have a cup of coffee and a bite to eat while meeting some nice people.